As the recent cases of Sayed Abdel Latif and Mukhtar Ablyazov have showed, the increasing recourse to Interpol's systems is having a dramatic impact upon the institution of asylum, leaving some important unanswered questions about how Red Notices affect refugees.
This week Fair Trials has called on Interpol to stop its networks being used to pursue Petr Silaev. But this alone is not enough. Petr has already suffered arrest and detention and his case is only the tip of the iceberg. Interpol needs to look again at its systems so that it can weed out abuses before the damage is done.
Madeleine's parents Kate and Gerry McCann remain hopeful their daughter will be found Information about the sighting was
Police in Cyprus say they have reported a possible sighting of Madeleine McCann to Interpol. Information about the sighting
A hacker group known as Ghost Shell have posted what they claim to be 1.6 million login names, passwords and email addresses
Jeremy Forrest, the married teacher missing with his teenage pupil, might not have been identified under a new law that comes
Confusion reigned today over how intensely the search for runaway schoolgirl Megan Stammers and her teacher was being conducted
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Luka Rocco Magnotta is escorted from a Canadian military plane to a waiting van on Monday in Mirabel, Quebec A Canadian porn
London police were warned about the behaviour of a porn star actor and suspected killer six months before he allegedly murdered
Anonymous hackers appear to have brought down Interpol's website immediately following 25 arrest of the hacking organisation's
Last Friday, Malaysian Police confirmed the arrest of Hamza Kashgari, a journalist wanted by Saudi Arabia for insulting the
Interpol has issued an arrest warrant for the boss of the French breast implant company at the centre of an international
Mexico claims to have foiled a plot to smuggle one of Colonel Gaddafi's sons into the country. Government secretary Alejandro
Four masked men armed with Kalashnikovs murdered a jeweller in an upmarket store in Cannes, leading to fears that the notrious
Investigators are offering a "substantial" reward for help to track down an Irishman who faked his own death after the murder
Colonel Gaddafi's son Saadi has been granted asylum by Niger on humanitarian grounds, the country's president has confirmed
Police in Berlin are attempting to identify an English-speaking teenager who arrived in Berlin, saying that he had spent
Last Wednesday Newsnight broadcast a highly critical item which focused on the activities of British policing. It centred on the number of sexually abused children who had been identified from illegal images circulating on the internet