Jeffrey Epstein

The Duke of York has issued an 11-page document about the upcoming lawsuit.
An application by the Duke of York to dismiss the case was previously denied by a judge.
A judge is currently deciding whether to throw the entire lawsuit out.
The broadcaster found itself in hot water after presenting Alan Dershowitz as an impartial analyst.
The British socialite was a longtime associate of child sex predator Jeffrey Epstein.
A source close to the royal said: "The Met has concluded that the claims are not sufficient to warrant any further investigation."
"Well, he's dead, so, uhh, in general, you always have to be careful."
Virginia Giuffre has filed a civil case against the Duke of York over alleged sexual abuse.
The Duke of York is back in the headlines after his accuser, Giuffre, announced she was suing the royal.
Prince Andrew is named as the only defendant in the 15-page suit.