jeremy renner

Renner was crushed by a snow plow last year while trying to pull his nephew's truck out of the snow.
The Marvel star shared a touching tribute to his child, Ava, one year after he was critically injured in Nevada.
The Marvel star shared a clip showing his remarkable progress 10 months after a horrific snowplow accident.
The Avengers actor reflected on the life-changing accident in an Instagram post.
After his Avengers co-star was crushed by a snow plow, Chris had a life-changing realisation.
"The body is miraculous…. Even though I feel like the Tin Man,” Renner wrote in an Instagram post on Friday.
“I set out a goal to be walking this carpet. And here I am enjoying it,” the Marvel star said.
The Marvel actor told Jimmy Kimmel he received a fake Cameo video from his co-star while he was in hospital.
The actor was accidentally run over by his own six-tonne ploughing machine while trying to help a family member earlier this year.
“I chose to survive,” Renner tearfully told Sawyer. “You’re not going to kill me. No way.”