jon lansman

Jeremy Corbyn ally said it was time to "hand over to a new leadership".
Deputy leader says Momentum founder “shot himself in the foot” as he called on moderates to "stick with" party and be "change-makers".
Labour deputy leader tells Jon Lansman: "I'm no pushover."
Unite boss is suspected to be part of a failed plot to abolish Labour deputy leader post.
There will now be a 'review' of the role, which was at risk of being scrapped.
He described the move as "a straight sectarian attack on a broad church party."
NEC meeting stunned to get emergency motion calling for role to be scrapped.
More than 40 years after its battles with Trotskyist Militant, organisation set to be replaced.
Party’s ruling NEC to hear urgent motion from Momentum founder Jon Lansman.
Jon Lansman says party has a "major problem" with anti-Semitism.