It's been a year and four days since the UK voted to leave the EU. That's 369 days of confusion and worry for the millions
For however long it takes, Liberty will work to dismantle laws that divide and discriminate, and campaign to block any plans that threaten our rights or attack vulnerable people - through the courts, in Parliament, and on the streets. And we need your help. Our democracy gives us the tools to keep Britain kind, fair and free. By coming together, keeping watch and speaking out, we can use them to put compassion back into politics.
If everybody boycotts the summer census and takes back information already handed over, the government won't be able to justify this policy's existence - whoever's running the country on 9 June.
Unless we do something about it. What are you doing right now? Like, right this very second? Whatever it is, listen quickly
The Snoopers' Charter re-introduced the same powers that have just been declared illegal - and added new, even more intrusive, ones. But creating a new law for 2017 cannot let the Government circumvent the human rights law that protects us. So today Liberty has launched The People vs the Snoopers' Charter - a legal challenge against this authoritarian surveillance regime, backed by the ordinary people subjected to its gaze.
For some time now, bank clerks, landlords and employers have been tasked with checking people have a right to be in the country. The potential for discrimination is crystal clear - anyone with a foreign-sounding name or accent, or anyone who doesn't have a white face, is likely to be targeted. Schools were one of the only borderless places left. But there is a ray of hope for our children, and our society.
People detained administratively and indefinitely occupy a dark corner of this nation. Shining a light on their desperate plight is more important than ever. The time has come for our Prime Minister to be held accountable for presiding over countless human rights abuses in detention centres while she was Home Secretary - and to put an end to the cruelly indefinite detention regime that we have in this country. Unlike the rest of Europe, our Government does not put a time limit on immigration detention. Alternatives to detention have proved successful in countries like Sweden and Belgium, but the UK continues to routinely and indefinitely strip people of their liberty for administrative convenience.
A “cruel” new rule saying immigrants can be held in solitary confinement for being “stubborn” could be used on those suffering
Immigration reform had turned 'citizens into immigration officers'.