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The Power of Empathy is a brand-new podcast that explores how dolls play can help develop important life skills. Our host, actress and mum Rachel Adedeji talks to HuffPost’s Victoria Richards and education psychologist Dr Michele Borba as they explore the benefits of playing with dolls…
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There are so many useless acronyms in the world that anyone would be forgiven for not knowing the meaning of most of them, but there is one important acronym that has been gaining momentum in global education in recent years: STEM.
It's September and my social media is jam packed with photos of children heading back to school. For some, it is the very first time they will enter our education system. But what many of them don't know is that the jobs they will eventually find and settle into later down the line are not the jobs that exist today. 65% of children entering primary school this month will work in jobs in the future we don't even know about yet.
Parrot Learning the symptoms of different STDs for the third time in a high school career is not valuable life prep.
How do you become a sober girl? If it was as easy as just not drinking anymore, then we would only ever need one attempt at it. I had a number of failed attempts.
Perhaps, jealousy is not as much about nursing ill feelings for your perception of someone else's "easier gains" than it is a message from you, to you.
I sometimes wonder, whether, with so much information out there, do we fail to see the wood for the trees, and forget some of the other equally important lessons that we should be teaching our kids?
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