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The former PM told her successor "no reasonable person expects China to abide by anything agreed" at it.
"Should someone tell him?” one commenter taunted the Republican's admiration for the shortest-serving British prime minister.
The former prime minister will challenge Rishi Sunak with an alternative plan, despite the fallout from her last attempt.
Former Ukip leader says he admires ex-prime minister's desire to "fight for radical change".
The former prime minister is refusing to go quietly after her humiliating time in Downing Street.
Former prime minister told she should have "more awareness" than to overshadow Rishi Sunak.
The former prime minister gave a tone-deaf speech defending her economic policies.
The former prime minister is thought to have nominated up to 14 allies for a gong.
"They don't understand who's paying their fucking wages," the former prime minister said.