liz truss

Trade secretary agrees to set up a commission to oversee trade deals amid growing concern over chlorinated chicken imports.
The prime minister is reforming Whitehall and has already got rid of the Department for International Development.
Confidential documents cannot be revealed until five years after a deal is in force.
Currently, men who have sex with men must not have had sex for three months if they wish to donate blood.
2020 was supposed to be a year of great progress and change. We ended up with far worse than a nice, round number, writes Rachael Revesz.
Liz Truss has been discussing a post-Brexit free trade deal with her counterparts in Canberra.
Government announces plans to pave the way for 10 low-tax, low-regulation zones in UK.
Frankly, if Boris Johnson doesn’t appoint Truss as the UK’s first female chancellor, he will have already failed one of his most important tasks on day one, writes Jack Powell
Ex-PM said he would launch a judicial review if Boris Johnson tried to suspend parliament to push through no-deal.