Louis Theroux

Louis Theroux and Paul's 'Strictly' partner Ola Jordan are among those to have paid their respects.
Over the course of his lucrative career in entertainment, Paul fronted a number of shows at the BBC, and the broadcaster’s
Keith Harris, who has died at the age of 67, once addressed the complicated nature of his job, which involved a 30-year partnership
But there were also those who disagreed with the fact that children so young are being "allowed" to make these life-changing
However, there were a couple issues that came to light through the programme, one of which was the danger of denial with the mentally ill, and another being the place of guilt on those with mental illnesses.
Jodie Marsh has gone from being a page 3 girl to bodybuilder, stopping off on a few reality TV shows in between - but now
City of Dogs is the first of a new three part series that explores compelling issues that plague a City suffering from an over population of stray dogs, a notorious healthcare system and high numbers of sex offenders.
A man has admitted conning pub staff into believing he was TV star Louis Theroux. Allan Debenham, 39, pleaded guilty to two
As a post-feminism baby maybe I've taken the struggle of the older generations for granted, possibly too far detached from what they went through to get here. Here, here where if you want to earn more money than a man you must sleep with one.
Imagine every time you made love to somebody, you had Louis Theroux come up behind you and back you on the back. It'd be truly mortifying, wouldn't it? And that's just happened to this guy. I imagine the only reason he's still doing it is because he needs more money for his zombie truck