Macmillan Cancer Support

Macmillan Cancer has received thousands of calls about Covid-19 fears since the pandemic hit. We hear from those on the front line.
Boris Johnson thanked extremely vulnerable people who have been shielding, saying their actions had saved “thousands of lives”.
One in 10 people with a prior diagnosis of primary breast cancer said they hadn't been given enough information about the symptoms of its return.
Six months after he was in intensive care with pneumonia and chest sepsis, he walked 180 miles across the Cape Wrath Trail.
Increasingly I see a system that is forcing people with cancer to jump through confusing hoops – and then wait five weeks – to access money to which they are entitled.
"Fighter", "hero" and "cancer journey" are also no-nos.
Treatment can change your sense of taste, but these dishes should help.
Some even report losing their jobs after diagnosis.
To lots of people I became ‘Tom with cancer’ and I hated that. I’m not very comfortable with being pitied, but you get that a lot.