Manchester City

Tevez's apparent disobedience has already provoked widespread condemnation in the media, and many other football managers have expressed strong support and sympathy for Mancini.
Manchester City have suspended Carlos Tevez after it was alleged he refused to appear as a substitute in the 2-0 defeat by
For all the romance, it has to be recognised that football is also big business. And, just like with textiles or food, as consumers we should buy ethical. When choosing a club to support, fans can help stop corrupt and unsavoury characters profiting from their beloved sport.
Gary Cook, the chief executive of Manchester City Football Club, has resigned after he was accused of making fun of one of
It is rare that football can learn from the luvvies, but the way we treat career progression is one such occasion.
Stoke City broke their transfer record with a successful £10m bid for Peter Crouch, as an estimated £485m changed hands in
The 13-goal mauling dished out by both Manchester sides to their north London opponents on Sunday raises an intriguing question: is this the future of English football?
The ground in North London shook over the weekend. No, not due to a fresh outbreak of consumption riots that spluttered forth in the area a few weeks ago. This time the shock came on the soccer field, courtesy of two hungry giants from Manchester - United and City.
Sport is not just a game. It can inspire hope from despair, as we have seen attempts at in Sri Lanka in recent years. It can make a lucky cadre of talented individuals very, very wealthy indeed.
Success in football often comes with continuity and top British players stay at top Premiership clubs much longer than their foreign counterparts giving managers more time to create successful teams.