Six and a half years ago my life was changed forever. My baby son Charlie was diagnosed with pneumococcal meningitis. It turned our world upside down when he died six days after his diagnosis. As we lay with our baby while he took his last breath we couldn't believe our cheeky little 15 week old boy had been so cruelly taken from us
Doctors missed the 22-year-old student's symptoms for six months.
A student who had a brain tumour the size of a golf ball was misdiagnosed with an ingrown toenail.  Gemma Martin, 22, was
'We want to reassure parents they can learn first aid basics quickly.'
Parents are being urged to spend just one minute learning first aid skills, which could ultimately save their child’s life
Warning: Readers may find the images in this article upsetting.  The heartbreaking moment an eight-month-old baby died in
If your kids have had meningitis vaccines you may think they are safe - think again. No vaccine is 100% effective so any strain can still strike - but your teenager may not be covered against Meningitis B at all.
Get clued up on signs and symptoms.
Meningitis can affect anyone, but it is most common in babies and children.  Babies are particularly vulnerable to meningitis