Migration Crisis

'They are not doing it because they are having a little chat on Facebook'.
'I voted for resettling 3,000 Syrian children: that's the type of mayor we need.'
'I sense the government is in real difficulty on how to proceed'.
'I hate Isis more than you. Believe me, you don't hate Isis like me.'
'I want to see my mum but as soon as the war stops I'm going to go back'.
'I renew my heartfelt plea for responsibility and solidarity.'
'We know already it has had terrible, fatal consequences for children'.
About Migration Crisis
The Huffington Post UK's coverage of the European migration crisis, which is seeing hundreds of thousands of people trying to leave the Middle East and North Africa. Many are fleeing conflict and violence, especially from Syria after four years of devastating civil war. Others come from countries including Eritrea, Afghanistan and Nigeria, in the biggest movement of people in Europe since the Second World War. Coverage includes news on political responses to the crisis, the humanitarian issues for the refugees, border controls around Europe and problems at Calais as people try to reach Britain from France.