The corporation said that "staff have been reminded of the guidelines" following a review.
"It perfectly sums up the nation's increasing anger," one person wrote on Twitter.
The Hollywood star claimed the US president just "wants to be re-elected" in November.
"You do not survive the illness through fortitude and strength of character, whatever the prime minister’s colleagues will tell us," the BBC presenter said.
Politicians drawing conclusions publicly before independent investigations have concluded risk devaluing the entire process, investigative journalist Lucinda Day writes.
Prisoner Edward Vines sent two letters to the BBC Newsnight presenter's mother.
The Duke of York's week has gone from bad to worse – and it's only Tuesday.
Prince Andrew has come in for widespread condemnation for his answering of questions during a BBC Newsnight interview with Emily Maitlis over his involvement with Jeffrey Epstein.
Kerry poked fun at the Duke Of York's Pizza Express claims, as she compared his Newsnight appearance to her infamous This Morning interview.
The Newsnight presenter said: “I’m not entirely sure it matters what question you ask Boris Johnson..."
"He literally doesn’t understand what diplomats do." Critics round on Brexit Party MEP after Newsnight appearance.
Row began when O'Brien criticised BBC Radio's John Humphrys after an interview
Labour MP allegedly suggested one clerk was bad at her job as she was ‘not a mother’.
'There was a real concern as to how big could this get.'
Ex-aide's claims he was paid to stay quiet are denied.
Speaker Bercow and others facing claims after staff quit with PTSD.
'A photo was selected which was as Leninesque as possible,' Corbyn supporters say, as BBC editor responds.
Commons Speaker under fire directly from MPs
Parliament has become a modern-day Lord of the Flies: free from scrutiny and the consequences that would normally flow from actions of this nature
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