A total of 7.7 million people are now hanging on for treatment.
The Today programme presenter pointed out how Downing Street has backed itself into a corner.
"How can you get to a point where this is going to end if you’re not actually talking to them?”
Lib Dems warn of "a disaster waiting to happen" in the NHS.
Experts are divided over whether this could help or hinder treatment.
"They're not really comparable figures, are they?" Sally Nugent noted.
"I don’t believe the British people are safe with this government running the NHS," Dr Andrew Meyerson said.
It's another blow to the prime minister's five pledges to voters.
The UK government has accepted the advice of experts to axe booster jabs for under-65s.
"You're the prime minister, you're the government, your staff aren't happy - that's your fault."