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Everybody knows of 'The Boat Race', of course. Every year around the Easter period, a selection of very good rowers from Oxford and Cambridge slog their guts out on the Thames for about 20 minutes to batter their opponents into exhausted defeat. Less well known is the women's Boat Race.
The numbers of UK students applying to start university this autumn has dropped by 8.7% compared to the same point last year
Peter Andre is to follow in his ex-wife's footsteps and appear at Oxford University, after Katie Price wowed students and
An independent commission has been established to monitor the impact of increased university fees in England over the next
That 'great lie' is Oxbridge's biggest secret. Sure there may be more contact hours or a heavier workload than other universities but that's not what sets them apart. Intelligent, motivated people will continue to do well wherever they find themselves and to pretend that Oxford and Cambridge are the only institutions full of great talent is at best naïve and at worst the product of an appalling kind of prejudice.
I am sure that every Cambridge and Oxford Admissions Tutor sometimes wishes they could accept more students than they have places for. There are many good candidates who apply to both universities, and because of the level of competition, some are unfortunately rejected.
Is it chutzpah - simple youthful exuberance, or misguided arrogance? It's certainly entertaining. A 19 year-old girl, predicted to get an A* in each of her three A Levels, has written to Magdalen College, Oxford, to tell them that, after attending an interview, she would rather study law somewhere else.
Yesterday, a presumably slow day at the BBC saw an article published on their website about somebody rejected from Oxford 'getting back' at the university.
A French author's English alter ego has been unmasked by new letters, according to Oxford University. Professor Nicholas
Disadvantaged young people who attend summer schools are 50% more likely to go on to top universities than their peers, a
A student has sent her own "rejection letter" to Oxford University stating it did "not quite meet the standards" of other
The wife of Oxford University professor Steven Rawlings, who was found dead at fellow academic Devinder Sivia’s home, said
Oxford University don Dr Devinder Sivia, held on suspicion of the murder of professor Stephen Rawling has been released on
From James Bond to Knight Rider, robotic and autonomous cars have been embraced and immortalised on film for many years. However, we are now close to realising that which Hollywood has promised for so long in our everyday lives.
Oxford University has disclosed that the number of British black students accepted in 2011 has risen to 32 - the highest
Brain scans that test individual pain experience could be used to spot benefit cheats within 10 years, it has been claimed
Oxford University undergraduates that joked about luring a "fit list" of female freshers to a party "with no witnesses" are
Oxford University is currently fighting to protect its New College trademark which is under threat from philosopher AC Grayling
The Foreign Office "lobbied" Oxford University to accept Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, son of the recently deposed dictator, in
Charity Debate Mate confirmed its place as one of the most effective and inspiring youth programmes in the country after