parkinsons disease

The comedian and all-round national treasure did share a hilarious story about working around the problem.
The comic explained the challenges "lately have been medical".
The University Challenge host said his symptoms are “currently mild” and he is receiving “excellent treatment”.
Sex isn't the same as it once was now I’m unable to offer what I once could. But sex still exists.
The much-loved entertainer died in November at the age of 88, following a fall at his home.
The ITV quizzer channelled his inner Grace Jones in the impressive video.
The Black Sabbath star opened up about his condition in an emotional interview with wife Sharon.
I don’t know if it was my diagnosis or condition that brought on my depression, but I’m doing the best I can to keep going, writes Drew Hallam
The Scottish comedian has given an update on his condition after being diagnosed with the disease in 2013.
Fortunately, the quizzer and stand-up comedian says that going public with his condition helped him get back on track.
At just 47, my Parkinson’s symptoms have progressed to the extent that I feel I have no other choice
Around 1 in 350 adults in the UK lives with Parkinson's - that's around 350,000 people. It's a degenerative neurological condition and there is currently no cure. The main symptoms are tremors and muscle stiffness. Treatments for Parkinson's include medication, physiotherapy and dietary therapy.
"I used to be sociable, but I’ve become very good at isolating myself."
"It’s an adventure and it is quite interesting to see myself slipping away."
I want to do all the things I would if I was 100% well, like the shopping, wrapping, cooking. I get frustrated when I can’t but when you have Parkinson’s you have to get on with life as best you can
The Scottish comedian was diagnosed with the incurable condition in 2013.
The crew had quite literally put their faith and lives in my shaky hands - was this wise? Of course it was, they don’t call me Practical Parky for nothing
But there are things we can all do to maintain a healthy brain.