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For the first time in a major Arab-Israeli conflict, the American public has other sources of reality. All research says that young people everywhere regard Twitter as essentially a news service, and via your social network you can easily get served up words and pictures more impactful than anything on TV. By the time many Americans woke up on Sunday, these pictures were of dead Palestinian children.
Paul Mason, the former World's Fattest Man, has accepted a marriage proposal from girlfriend Rebecca Mountain after she asked
We don't have a functioning democracy, corporate journalism is "controlled and toxic", and the right-wing press are "propaganda organs for established greed". Welcome to the world as Media Lens sees it.
A man once thought to be world’s fattest has released naked images of himself in a plea for medical help to address the excess
Paul Mason, once known as the world's fattest man, broke down during an interview on Wednesday as he confessed he felt trapped
Author Nancy Huston has landed one of the literary world's least coveted prizes after taking the Bad Sex award. She triumphed