Pierce Brosnan

The pair have shared how they really feel at the prospect of Aaron taking over the iconic spy role.
Several A-list adventurers saluted the king for his service in the Royal Air Force during Sunday's coronation concert.
While he's about to make his superhero debut in Black Adam, Pierce said he was once nearly cast as Batman — until he mocked the dark knight's costume.
And as for who should replace Daniel Craig as 007? "I don't care."
The Good Morning Britain presenter branded the former 007's comments “pathetic, virtue-signalling nonsense”.
The father-and-son pair certainly turned heads on the red carpet.
The Britain's Got Talent judge ultimately lost out on the part in Die Another Die to Rosamund Pike.
Cher, ABBA deep cuts and '70s costumes. What's not to love?
'You need an actor who can put a bit of wiggle into it.'