The Metropolitan Police are facing another serious allegation. How will they recover from this?
"After six months, the best the Met can come up with is ‘flag down a bus’."
"The suggestion that, somehow, we have to change our behaviour once again, I have to say a bit tiring."
As the seasons change, so does the behaviour of women protecting themselves after dark.
The 28-year-old teacher from southeast London was attacked and killed while walking through a park.
Teenager is "safe and well". A 23-year-old man has been arrested.
Violence against women should be taken as seriously as terrorism, says police watchdog
A white neighbour called the police on Roy Thorne, a Black Army veteran, and his teen son as they viewed a home for sale.
Anthony Campo was fired as the police chief of Sheffield Lake, Ohio, after he placed a sign reading "Ku Klux Klan" on the desk of a Black officer.