Raheem Sterling

"Young black men do not deserve to be abused in their place of work," one campaigner tells HuffPost UK.
"This is a big moment for the media and for football. It’s a wake-up call."
Past tournaments have been sullied by intrusive focus on the private lives of players - thankfully most England supporters would rather get behind the team than jump on a bandwagon
aheem Sterling has been a target of the tabloid press ever since he shot to fame as a teenager in 2012. But the latest controversy – the accusation that he is glamourising gun violence with a large new tattoo – has sparked a bitter row about racism, representation and the power of role-models in the sport. But many of his young fans see the tabloid interpretation differently.
'That’s the reality of what happened to him. We shouldn’t be trying to censor it.'
'He’s supposed to be a role model but chooses to glamorise guns.'