Chartering the jumbo jet has reportedly cost the government £500,000.
The prime minister made clear his frustration with lawyers seeking to prevent the first deportation flight taking off this evening.
"Those people need to suggest an alternative policy that will work," the foreign secretary said after the first flight was given the green light to go ahead.
The furious condemnation from every bishop in the House of Lords is contained in a letter to The Times.
Judges reject last-ditch attempt to stop flight from taking off tomorrow.
The heir to the throne reportedly branded the controversial policy "appalling".
"It is an offence against human dignity and against all the best traditions of welcome of this country.”
"We’re exhibiting a callousness in government that I don’t think reflects the soul of this country and the nature of the people in this country."
Lord Harrington insisted he was only responsible for the Ukrainian visa scheme.
In less than 12 hours, the clip showing the home secretary being interrupted by protesters has accumulated more than four million views.