Samsung has officially unveiled its next flagship smartphone the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+. Both phones will be available
First came flip-phones, then came smartphones. Now, we might finally get our hands on a foldable smartphone. Samsung is reportedly
As part of the personalisation message, AI was one of the most banded about words at the show. No surprises there - it's like a check box that any new gadget or app needs to tick. While the best of intentions is meant, the abundance of its use is starting to lose its appeal.
'WikiLeaks has a lot more information on what has been going on.'
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange will publish more confidential documents on the United States Central Intelligence Agency
After battery life and shatterproof screens, a YouGov survey conducted last year found that water resistance is now the most important feature influencing consumers decisions when it comes to choosing a device
Samsung, like so many before it, has fallen foul of the technology world’s most successful leaker Evan Blass. The journalist