The Samsung Gear Sport doesn't bring a whole lot new to the party - and is more a rationalizing of last year's beefy Gear S3 into something a little sportier. However, its 5ATM water resistance makes it a better all-rounder than previous Samsung smartwatches and the partnership with Speedo could help it rival Garmin in the pool.
So what does the latest Note handset bring to the table? How does it measure up against the widely celebrated Galaxy S8 range? And how have Samsung developed the device to distance it from the Note 7's earlier downfalls? We take a closer look at the device below.
It's big, it's expensive and it's absolutely stunning.
Samsung has unveiled the Galaxy Note 8, the latest in the company’s series of ultra-large screen phones designed for creativity
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Samsung takes its first step towards redemption.
The Samsung Galaxy S8 is finally here. Launching in the UK on the 28th April for £689 it is a phone designed to make you
The last six months have been a rollercoaster for Samsung. The Galaxy Note 7, which was initially applauded by the tech industry for its sleek design and competitive specs, was subject to one of the biggest product recalls in tech history.