Sean Penn

Pink Floyd bassist and singer Roger Waters has risked upsetting some of his British fans by saying the Falkland Islands should
Sean Penn has ramped up his criticism of Britain's behaviour over the Falkland Islands, accusing the UK of sending a "message
Terrence Malick needs an intervention. Hollywood, can you please challenge his pretentiousness. Convince him to remove the voiceovers and stock footage from the Discovery Channel. He is an addict that needs tough love, not more nominations.
US actor Sean Penn has been pictured wearing traditional Bolivian traditional dress during his tour of South America, where
Sean Penn has been branded an "idiot" by war veteran Simon Weston for his attack on Britain's claim to the Falkland Islands
Universities minister David Willetts is due to land in the Falkland Islands on Thursday, in a move that is sure to raise
Sean Penn has just added to the farce that is the Falklands/Malvinas Cat Fight... Chucking about words like "ludicrous" and "colonialist" - plus "the Malvinas Islands of Argentina" - Penn is feeding an insubstantial, surface and puny fire that has kept burning for a remarkably long time, even leading UN secretary-general, Ban Ki-moon to express his "concern" at how thick and fast this tiff is progressing. The whole thing was rather inflamed by the incompetence of leaking Prince William's posting to the press.
Sean Penn has renewed his attack on Britain for its refusal to enter negotiations with Argentina over the sovereignty of
MPs from the Commons defence committee are to visit the Falkland Islands, amid simmering tensions between the United Kingdom
Outspoken Oscar-winner Sean Penn has accused UK authorities of "ridiculous colonialism" and backed Argentina in the Falklands