Sex Crimes

Scotland introduced a law against cyber flashing in 2010 – should England and Wales do the same?
Three men were attacked after arranging meetings through the gay dating app.
Natalie Connolly's death wasn’t a tragedy of the “high-life” or “rough sex” gone wrong. It was another woman’s life needlessly lost to endemic male violence, Erin Mansell writes.
At a time when the news is plagued with cases of #MeToo and sexual assault, how can we tackle the issue if we can’t even establish what constitutes rape?
We need to keep repeating: sexual offending is about power, entitlement, control, punishment and humiliation
A third charge has been filed against the disgraced movie boss.
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'The physical and emotional impact of sexual crimes lasts a lifetime.'
New sexual misconduct allegations raise the question of whether the R&B star will face a #MeToo reckoning.