sharon osbourne

CBS said the former X Factor judge’s behaviour “did not align with our values for a respectful workplace”.
The former X Factor presenter faced a backlash earlier this week after comments she made on US chat show The Talk.
Speaking on The Talk, Sharon said she felt she was about to be "put in the electric chair" over her friendship with Piers.
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The former X Factor judge was hospitalised after contracting coronavirus last month.
"Look at the joy waiting for me!" the 68-year-old wrote on Instagram alongside a photo of her husband.
The former X Factor judge is currently separated from husband Ozzy as she recovers.
Try saying that after a few wines, dallyn!
She branded the divisive rapper "embarrassing" for "taking money from the government" to pay his Yeezy employees.
Speaking on US chat show The Talk, Sharon admitted people bragging about their wealth makes her "cringe".