So the results of National Sickie Day are in. Following the work day that is reportedly the most popular for people to call
Like many nurses, I left the NHS because I found it practically impossible to be able to deliver a good standard of care due to what I call the 'constant revolution' within the health service.
People who refuse to get treatment for their illness will be stripped of their sickness benefit under a new crackdown to
Ed Miliband, the leader of the Labour party, has a million things in his in-tray. A challenging economy, rising energy prices, badgers, you name it. And yet he chose to speak to the national media about mental health. Whether or not you agree with his politics, the very fact that he made this speech is a good thing - it's a sign that the subject we've been campaigning about for so long has moved up the political agenda.
Let's hope someone in government is listening.
There have been 46 outbreaks of suspected norovirus in hospitals over the past two weeks, with more than half of them leading
American scientists are developing a nasal spray that protects the body against the norovirus bug. Scientists from Baylor
Commuter rage could be damaging your health, according to new research. Swedish scientists have discovered that those who
Whenever human beings gather to celebrate, food and drink is there - wetting babies' heads, birthday cakes, parties, the Christmas dinner, the wedding breakfast. But it's also there at the more wan and sorrowful times, often in a quieter, more humbler guise; it has a part to play in healing the sick, and eventually, in the final commemoration of our lives.