The Rizzle Kicks star-turned-actor shares how sobriety is helping him stay "emotionally resilient while intellectually aware".
At 36, I had never gone on a first date without drinking two to infinity glasses of wine.
It takes nerve to walk up to a bar and confidently say the word ‘mocktail’ without feeling like an idiot, but I couldn’t recommend it enough
'I’m not sure I’d have survived intact had it had not been for my sobriety.'
The artist shocked her fans this week when she released the new song about relapsing.
The hardest and best lessons are often learnt from a dark time and place. Here are 8 lessons you could learn from those struggling with alcoholism.
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I slowly taught myself to relish every moment. Squeeze every bit of joy I could out of the process. Because it was the only time I didn't feel totally horrendous inside. I found that I could stretch the work feeling far beyond the hours I was filming a show.
A glass of wine after work, beers with mates, champagne to celebrate and a shot or two on a night out - so far so normal? It's surprisingly easy to slip into a habit of drinking more than intended. Here are four more benefits that might nudge you to make the decision to Go Sober for October...
I am sometimes asked what would happen if I did choose to drink again. The truth is, I don't know, but just as I don't know what would happen if someone was to open the door on an airplane mid-flight, I'm pretty sure that I also don't want to find out.