Here's how and why chef Jose Salazar chose to stop drinking, even though he didn't drink every day.
The "Pretty Little Liars" star also shared an encouraging messaging for people who are "struggling."
"We had sex in three different bathrooms the day we got married in San Francisco City Hall, and I drank so much tequila, the bars turned to fluorescent red pulp."
"I was discharged after an eight-day admission for detox, and my first priority was getting through my upcoming holiday without any alcohol."
"Those of us who struggle with alcoholism and addiction have internalised the pervasive message that we are simply screw-ups."
The singer spoke about the "rock bottom" moment that the photo documented in her 2020 memoir.
The singer jokingly pined over an audience member's cocktail during a moment between songs at her Las Vegas residency.
“It’s been worth every second,” she said of her sobriety. “I just don’t know what it would take for me to give it up. I’m stable. I’m calmer.”
"He’s respectful of my life choices, so I’m respectful of his."