he Spring Equinox is when the equator and the centre of the Sun line up, making day and night equal length across the world. In simpler terms, it marks the changing of the seasons. In the Northern Hemisphere it marks the transition from Winter to Spring, and while looking out your window it may not seem so, sunnier days are on their way.
Today is the spring equinox, which means winter is finally over 🌷
The Met Office have forecast a potentially record-breaking final week of February, with temperatures hitting the mid-teens across the country. But don't get too used the sunshine,the unseasonably warm weather is not likely to last long. By Thursday, it’s expected to return to normal for the time of year.
From baggy trousers and wrap tops to pointy sunglasses and satin
Okay, ladies - let’s get in a fashion formation 😍
There are all sorts of traditions around the day of the vernal equinox.