The sterling suffered its biggest fall since November.
However, higher interest rates would help to decrease inflation with consumers tending to save more and for demand to fall. An interest rate increase is essential, but the current rate of 0.25% is necessary for economic growth to occur due to Brexit uncertainties, so the Monetary Policy Committee's decision is justified- for now.
The deadline for spending the current issue pound coins has been announced. A new design of pound coin, announced late last
Read more on The Huffington Post Karl Schamotta, director of FX research and strategy at Cambridge Global Payments, told
The surge in the pound is the exact opposite market reaction to last week when the High Court in Belfast ruled in favour
David Cheetham, market analyst at, said: “Today’s revelation that the UK must hold a vote in parliament before starting
The plunging pound in the wake of the EU referendum is bad news for UK citizens if you’re thinking of holidaying abroad anytime