As the coalition falls out over public sector pensions it shows the importance of trade unions standing together to defend the interests of working people.
The opening skirmish has been fought in the government versus the Public Sector battle. Thousands teachers out on strike and a day of protest. Respect to the teachers for organising a day of action on Wimbledon semi final day, so that they could watch TV, finish their end of term reports, and show solidarity with their more aggressive industrial comrades.
This is not a fight we picked. But the government has been rumbled and its central argument destroyed, so it is a fight we are prepared to have if ministers continue to ignore the facts and threaten everything for which public servants have ever worked.
I don't remember the same fascination back in January, when George Osborne gave a nearly identical interview to the BBC defending the unexpected shrinking of the economy, giving exactly the same answer several times in three minutes.
Union leaders have upped the stakes ahead of this afternoon’s crunch talks with the Government over public sector pensions
Ed Miliband made a big mistake last week when he condemned the teachers going on strike. I know he thought he was being very clever. The Tories and right wing media would be demanding: do you support these strikes or are you willing to distance yourself and the Labour party from them? Will you condemn them as all right thinking people will? So Ed caught them out by attacking the strikes before anyone had asked him to
The Government is trying to save money in the public sector; that's fine - indeed, that's a big part of what I voted for. However, I'm not in favor of unfair, symbolic, ideological cuts. Why are cuts to teacher's pensions unfair, ideological & symbolic? Simple: The Teachers Pension Scheme is not making a loss.
David Cameron has offered his backing to teachers who had decided not to go on strike tomorrow and insisted the Government's
Airports across Britain can expect to descend into chaos on Thursday when hundreds of UK Border Officials walk out on strike