Don't avoid the pool or beach just because it's your time of the month.
An American cancer survivor has become the first person to swim across the English Channel four times in a row. Sarah Thomas, 37, completed the feat of endurance at 6:30 on Tuesday 17th September 2019 after more than 54 hours of swimming in strong tides and a year after undergoing treatment for breast cancer.
The 37-year-old, who completed treatment for an aggressive form of breast cancer last year, covered almost 134 miles.
She won the 100-metre freestyle, only to be immediately disqualified.
"Cold water shock takes your breath away and can affect the strongest of swimmers."
Six years old is late to be starting swim lessons, but we just couldn’t face our fears yet.
So you can stay stylish even while poolside.
From cheap and cheerful to the best you can buy, here's a selection of paddling pools available in the UK – from Lidl, Argos, B&Q, Aldi and more.
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