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Locals reported their houses shook with the force of a blast.
Up and down the country, people are in need of answers
Steelworkers up and down the country are in need of answers. 130,000 steelworkers, current and former, are facing a December
With over half of the UK's steel being exported to EU member states, it is crucial. While this won't save the dying industry, it will keep it afloat for a little longer -- hopefully long enough for major, positive changes to occur.
Tonight at 5pm is the deadline for expressions of interest in the UK Tata Steel business, which of course includes the plants in Wales - Port Talbot, Shotton, Trostre and Llanwern.
People have a 'romantic' view of the steel industry, according to the economist
A leading Brexit-backing economist believes the UK steel industry should be left to die just like BHS. Andrew Lilico, chairman
The Foreign Office published its annual Human Rights Report today. Among assessments of 30 Human Rights Priority Countries
While David Cameron was paying tribute to the Queen, the wheels of Government were still turning. No fewer than 12 ministerial