Toni Collette

New movies starring Idris Elba, Toni Collette, Octavia Spencer and Melissa McCarthy are all debuting this month.
It's going to get lots of people hot under the collar.
'X-Men' stars, Golden Globe victors and one enthusiastic accordion player.
We’re struggling to believe it, but it’s now been 15 years since ‘About A Boy’ hit cinemas. The British comedy, based on
Pierce Brosnan has revealed that, for his latest film, he took inspiration from an unlikely source.... Richard Madeley. The
Pierce Brosnan takes centre stage in the latest film adaptation of one of Nick Hornby's novels 'A Long Way Down'. Four lost
Steve Carell plays beautifully against type in 'The Way, Way Back' - a gentle coming-of-age tale, familiar to anyone who's
We're so used to seeing Steve Carell in earnest, try-hard Everyman guise, it comes as a shock to find him in far less appealing
Steve Carell and Toni Collette, who had such a hit with 'Little Miss Sunshine', are teaming up again for summer comedy 'The