trans rights

Social media thought it was an "absolute disgrace" and "truly disgusting".
Prime minister accused of "sickening" and " vile" jibe during PMQs.
The UK has dropped from being a 'progressive leader' to having 'widespread hatred'.
The 18-year-old said she wanted to be "100% authentic in myself" throughout her time in the house.
"When you've got something to say, you've got to speak up, alright," said Gaga before performing the queer anthem at her Las Vegas residency.
Transplants for trans women might not be available for a few more decades.
"We’ve got to try and find a better way through this," the shadow education secretary said.
The prime minister had pledged to have it in place before schools broke up for the summer.
"Attempts to prevent trans young people from being their authentic selves will fail," Tammy Hymas writes.
The Tour de France champion was stripped of his titles after admitting to doping in 2013.