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Unsaleable items cost charities thousands to dispose of each year. Here's what to do with these items instead.
The watchdog is looking into "serious concerns" about the "governance and financial management" at the Aspinall Foundation.
This building charity transformed the home of a man who was left paralysed after a fall at home. Rob Lamb of Solihull suffered a severe spinal cord injury in October 2020. He expected to be sent to a care home because his house was inhabitable, but Band of Builders heard his story and transformed his home for him in just over a week.
Luke Grenfell-Shaw was diagnosed with cancer at 24 and now he’s cycling 30,000 kilometres on a tandem bike from Bristol to Beijing, to show that everyone can create opportunities for a fulfilled life, despite the odds. He’s sharing the journey with other people and raising £300,000 for five cancer-related charities.
Val and Nigel Elvin united their neighbours with a simple WhatsApp group in Coventry. From leaving unexpected surprises on doorsteps to birthday parties, repainting street signs, shopping for self-isolators, planting flowers and arranging a coffee van.
Eleven-year-old schoolgirl, Evie Barriscale, got creative in the first lockdown by making heart-shaped key rings, fridge magnets and door hangers, to fundraise for Children’s Air Ambulance.
Share My Home is a national provider that matches older people with compatible younger companions for the mutual benefits of shared living. Giving older people a social lifeline and an affordable way to remain living well at home.
Ben Berman had leftover dough from what was supposed to be a gathering of friends. But with the pandemic raging, the party was cancelled and he started making pizza to give away instead. Now he’s made countless pizzas and lowered them to people on the street below - all he asks is that they consider donating to a chosen hunger relief charity.
Before you stuff your stocking, buy your cards or put the presents under the tree, here are five alternative gift giving ideas you can use to show some love, save money, the environment and reduce waste.
More than 100 keen crafters around the world have come together to form a ‘quarantine quilt’, stitching together a picture of how we’ve experienced the pandemic.