UK Mental Health

"We have no control whatsoever – everything we do is dictated by management."
Another day, another man taking aim at women's bodily autonomy.
"Always so humbling when the stupid little walk I go on for my stupid mental health actually makes me feel better."
The onslaught of bad news – from the abortion rights ruling to mass shootings to Covid – can lead to a unique type of burnout.
"I was deeply unhappy, barely containing secrets that would soon devastate me emotionally and send me to the brink of suicide at the height of my fame."
How do you connect to culture when 'home' is homophobic and it's not safe to be who you are?
"Anger happens when we feel the need to stand up for ourselves and is a protest about suffering."
Here’s how to make sure you’re using this mental health term accurately.
Think you're not stressed? Your voice might be giving the game away, scientists say.
Calm's outdoor gallery is designed to end misconceptions about what suicide 'looks like'.