Overnight, as Tim Montgomerie somewhat breathlessly reports on the website Conservative Home, news arrives from Thurrock
It should have been a walk in the park for Labour. The week after a series of bad news stories for the Conservatives, mid term, in a seat where Labour has never really been seriously challenged.
A "striking" 64% of BNP supporters believe violence may be justifiable to protect their group from threats with a hardcore
A member of the House of Lords has been criticised for comparing German economic policy to the Holocaust. Speaking during
Nigel Farage has warned that Greece is on the verge of revolution, amid fears Athens will default on its debts. Speaking
A plan by the UK Independence Party to force the Government to carry out a cost/benefit analysis of Britain's EU membership
Nigel Farage has admitted it was wrong to accuse European Parliament president Herman Van Rompuy of having "the charisma
European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso has said Britain's position on a future EU treaty on financial regulation
Britain's daily contribution to the European Union has passed £50 million, the UK Independence Party has claimed. Analysis
About UKIP
UKIP is one of the opposition parties in the British government. It was led to prominence by the charismatic Nigel Farage.