Daren Timson-Hunt given a community order after taking covert images under the dress of a woman as she travelled to a job interview.
Daren Timson-Hunt, 54, admitted using his phone to take pictures under a woman’s clothing on London Underground.
"It’s groping in crowds or comments about me and my girlfriend."
Women were targeted in shops, while at work, in the street and even at school.
The law has come into force but does it make a difference?
Gina Martin, Nimco Ali and Amika George on a year of activism.
The law was changed last month to ensure perpetrators face even tougher sanctions.
Brexit hasn't distracted from the bill getting its final stamp of approval.
We all need to recognise the enduring and constant nature of the harms of upskirting, ‘revenge porn’ and all forms of image-based sexual abuse. Too often, they are dismissed as not that significant