We all need to recognise the enduring and constant nature of the harms of upskirting, ‘revenge porn’ and all forms of image-based sexual abuse. Too often, they are dismissed as not that significant
These videos contribute to a cultural context where the taking and sharing of private sexual videos is seen as a legitimate sexual practice, rather than a form of sexual violence
'Knee-jerk' legislation does not tackle cyberflashing and other image-based abuse, MPs said.
In blocking my Bill, Sir Christopher Chope ended up in a political row with him on one side and pretty much everyone else on the other
Today, the Government is intervening to make ‘upskirting’ a specific criminal offence
Sir Christopher Chope's objection trigged a huge backlash.
The Tory MP blocked criminalising upskirting last week
71-year-old insists he is 'not a dinosaur' and opposes 'vulgar' act.
Backbencher blocked bill which would have made upskirting illegal.