Vanessa Hudgens

The High School Musical star's claims that Covid-19 deaths were "terrible but, like inevitable" did not go down well.
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Vanessa Hudgens has come a long way from her squeaky clean days as a Disney star in her new film, 'The Frozen Ground'. The
Ever since I recovered from a comma, double comma, people started suggesting new phrases to me all the time, thinking I'm some sort of a dialect-oracle and meme-prophet capable of coining anything into ฿itcoins. The question is - could I really make money by just tweeting axioms and aphorisms? That's ridic. In any case I went ahead and wrote this series of state-of-the-art youthemisms to all the youngsters out there who need a bit of a turd polish.
In short, those who enter into the glittering halls of Hollywood through Disney are destined to suffer a gruelling initiation into adulthood, through whichever duct of filth reveals itself first. Some of them get a taste for it, and are doomed to an existence of public arrests and nervous breakdowns (we're looking at you, Brit). For others, reincarnation is possible.
Visually, Spring Breakers is entrancing; a gorgeous mix of day-glo, slow-mo and impressive camera work from cinematographer Beniot Debie that really sets this film apart from anything you'll likely to watch this year. The pulsating soundtrack from Cliff Martinez (Drive) adds to the trippy atmosphere.
You'd think it would be pretty easy for a young actress to find some screen chemistry with Zac Efron - he is, after all, just
High School Musical star Vannessa Hudgens has left the school corridors far behind her, appearing as a stripper in dark thriller
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