The Bank of England said the issue had 'only just come to light'.
Read more on The Huffington Post The Bank of England has said its supplier is working on ‚Äúpotential solutions‚ÄĚ after more
A petition to remove tallow has gained tens of thousands of signatures.
The use of a derivate of animal fat in the new ¬£5 note is ‚Äútotally and utterly unacceptable‚ÄĚ, the Hindu Forum of Britain
The Bank of England has revealed the notes contain traces of animal fat.
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'There has been a cultural change in the way we think about our food.'
More than one third of people in the UK now identify as flexitarians - or part-time vegetarians - new research has found
3. Everyone suddenly becoming an expert on protein intake. 12. Going on holiday and having to eat chips for 90% of your meals