White Helmets

Lecturers from the Universities of Edinburgh, Leicester and Bristol have accused rescue workers the White Helmets of mass murder in Syria – to condemnation from Amnesty International and others.
The founder of the group was accused of being a spy by the Kremlin shortly before he died.
Vanessa Beeley is a British blogger who believes the attack on French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo was staged, al-Qaeda wasn’t behind the 9/11 attacks and that “Zionists rule France”.
Critics claim the academics are ignoring the crimes of Assad's regime; they say they are "truth-seeking".
On Tuesday at least 72 people were killed in what is widely believed to have been a nerve agent chemical attack by Syrian
Members of Syria Solidarity UK alongside Peter Tatchell, interrupted Jeremy Corbyn's speech on human rights today, because we believe that Syria is the number one human rights issue of the moment. The Labour Leader has been conspicuously quiet on the issue; and we wanted to remind him that this is the time for action, not words.
A fundraising page set up in honour of Jo Cox has exceeded £1 million in donations as contributions continue to flood in