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It was the early hours of the morning in the summer of 2015 and England's women were through to the semi-finals of the FIFA World Cup for the very first time - what's more Twitter was ablaze with love and admiration for Lioness goal-scorer Jodie Taylor, who told us in her passionate post match interview...
A few years ago, I probably would have said that I did not feel in control of my life. I was fortunate to have loving grandparents who never stopped supporting me and to come across The Prince's Trust which helped me set up my business. They were some of the helping hands which have enabled me to be in a position today to help so many young girls reach their potential.
Years of campaigning for #FreePeriods culminated on Period Pride Day 2016, a national day of action in February when many
Read more on The Huffington Post The i newspaper also included a jubilant picture of the pair on the front page of its sport
Once the opening ceremony was complete and the games started London did embrace the games and it was universally acknowledged as one of the best games ever. Now on the eve of the opening ceremony in Rio, Brazil faces the same barrage of complaints.
Playing with the boys helped me in my aim to get to the top of the women's game. I made my full first team debut for Huddersfield Town just seven days after my 16th birthday and also had my first experience of international football for Republic of Ireland under 16s (rather than England... but that's another story).
Summer 2012. A group of athletes from an area of sport previously only followed by die-hards and sporting hipsters burst
There's a stark contrast between what men and women earn in UK football. With a huge boost from the recent Women's World Cup, what does the future hold for the sport? My biggest regret in life is turning my back on international football. I chose an education instead of the sport. Over a decade later the profile of the women's game has never been higher - but there's still so much to do.
The news the Lionesses have been denied a chance to play at Rio 2016 was met with uproar, upset and discomfort. Many have