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The country’s last two known dancing bears were rescued in December and were supposed to go to a sanctuary. Now, one is dead.
Bear bile farming is one of the cruellest abuses of animals in the world and is of dubious medicinal value. After 14 years
Two years ago, our team in Asia started a ground-breaking investigation of the conditions endured by elephants across tourist
The Bali I dreamed of growing up was not the Bali that exists today--all thanks to the careless acts of tourists.
Last month, I was ecstatic to hear that TripAdvisor, one of the world's largest travel websites, and its ticket sales company, Viator, had decided that they will no longer sell tickets to hundreds of tourist attractions that are widely accepted as harmful to the wild animals involved.
'Her behaviour has been grossly distorted by captivity.'
Read more on The Huffington Post The Associated Press reports that the sight of the smoking chimp seemed to delight visitors
Including elephant rides, tiger selfies and swimming with dolphins.
Wildlife campaigners are celebrating after TripAdvisor, the world’s largest travel site, announced that they will stop selling
'If you can get up close, hug or have a selfie with a tiger it’s cruel .'