As the triggering of Article 50 fast approaches, it is incredibly important that we figure out what 'Brexit' actually means, and how this will affect us. Young people especially will live with the outcome of Brexit by far the longest, and it is for that reason that I believe that we deserve a voice in the forthcoming negotiations.
It is crucial that we now capture and garner the mobilisation of young people before they become disillusioned with a politics that continues to misrepresent the vast majority of them. We must ensure that the youth feel listened to in the negotiations, and that they have a say.
If we're being honest, the Brexit referendum was never run with a mind to having a well-informed vote on a matter of profound consequence for the nation. Instead it was reduced to a bartering chip, the promise of a referendum being a cynical route to victory for the Conservatives at the 2015 general election - and not much thought was put in thereafter.
Our work should not stop with the EU referendum. Instead we should work to ensure all young people are provided with both the information and opportunity to participate in our democracy. Over the next year, I will be campaigning and lobbying the government to lower the voting age to 16. I will also be working with student unions, the government and other stakeholders to improve voter registration and mitigate the risks associated with individual electoral enrolment.
I am a huge fan of all things politics, yet in our current political situation even I am finding it difficult to take any enjoyment from our government. With a political system that seems to be crumbling around us, is it any surprise that the youth of today are disengaged in politics?
Time to speak up, I was too gutted last Friday to write a single word. I just cried all morning for the country and everything that's so suddenly and sickeningly been ripped away from us.
That isn't idealism. That isn't building a better nation. It's no different than building a wall to the outside world, one that we can't even build high because we have to reach over it in order to do anything. This wasn't for young people. And if anything comes out of this, I hope young people do not forget it.
The future of our jobs and prosperity for young people is now at risk. Growing up as a young person in Britain is not easy. We are often referred to as the apathetic generation and in most cases, the generation that is not worth engaging with because we are less likely to vote.
It is important now to accept that the Remain camp has lost - no petition, no do-over will change that. This campaign and result has noticeably divided and damaged our country already - we cannot let it get any worse. The EEA option is the best one for our nation to emulate. Now, liberals must hijack Brexit and make it just for the sake of Remainers and the sake of our increasingly segregated society.
It would be so easy to be cynical when faced with such mendacity. Yet I am still hopeful. The energy, passion and idealism from students throughout this campaign has been inspiring. Students have a duty to keep Britain progressive, hopeful and fair, and I believe they will. It is up to our political leaders to respond in kind.