John Denham says party must reflect 'English identity' in campaigning.
The five things you need to know about politics today
It would be a mistake to assume Jeremy Corbyn has driven a far-left perception of the party. But Labour must now reflect 'English' identity in its language and campaigning if it is to regain ground
With Coventry being the country’s Capital of Culture in 2021, and the Commonwealth Games in 2022 following soon after, we have a massive opportunity to showcase our region to the rest of the world
Overseas nurses and doctors plug 'profound' gaps in workforce.
Households have been pushed £1,250 into the red since PM walked into Downing Street.
Corbyn's lengthy free speech caveat withdrawn amid clear opposition
'It's not that we are against immigrants, not at all.'
'Going back to school shouldn’t push families below the breadline.'