4 December 2016

EXCLUSIVE: New Leaked #Brexit Memo Reveals Plans For Leaving The EU


What God Might Tell Theresa May About Brexit

Thomas Jackson via Getty Images

A Breakdown Of All The Crazy Sh*t Donald Trump Said On Twitter This Weekend

Toru Hanai / Reuters

11 Tweets That Perfectly Summarise The Struggle Of Black Friday

Denis Doyle via Getty Images

Britain Has Rounded Off 2016 By F*cking Up Black Friday

Peter Byrne/PA Wire

UK 'Would Have Chosen Remain If Only People Who Changed Underpants Every Day Voted'

vandervelden via Getty Images

The Reviews Of This Trump Christmas Decoration Are Hilariously Political


7 Incredibly Establishment Things About Nigel Farage's Anti-Establishment Ritz Party

Reuters Staff / Reuters

How To Stop Fake News On Facebook Turning You Into A Racist


This Letter To The FT Sums Up The Entire Leaver/Remainer Brexit Debate

Financial Times

7 Things In Donald Trump's Home That Prove He's A Non-Elitist Man Of The People

Fox News

Trump's Presidency Is Already So Absurd Actors Are Having To Tell Him How To Do His Job

Saturday Night Live

Jonathan Pie Brutalises Everything The Tories Did Last Week That You May Have Missed

Jonathan Pie

5 Babies Acting More Grown-Up Than Donald Trump On Twitter


With Lines Like These, It’s No Wonder Glasgow Uni Is Offering A Simpsons Philosophy Course

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Women Stuck In Six-Hour Traffic Jam Came Up With A Great Way To Pass The Time


We've Found The Perfect Secret Santa Present For Your Colleagues

Imgur GrimRiderJ

7 Dogs Doing The Mannequin Challenge Better Than You


Exclusive: Theresa May Responds To Leaked Brexit Memo