31 August 2015

People On Twitter Are Imagining What It Would Be Like If Donald Trump Wrote The Bible

Doug The Pug Adorably Recreates Justin Bieber's Photoshoots


We've Found Your New Favourite Coffee Shop

Wanker's Country Store/Twitter

Man Imprisoned For Four Months Before Police Realised His 'Drugs' Were Salt

Ben Richardson via Getty Images

Adam Hills Destroys US Gun Control Laws In Hilarious Rant

The Last Leg/Channel 4

Someone Has Painted A Mural Of Donald Trump As A Giant Steaming Turd In Downtown NYC

Eduardo Munoz Alvarez via Getty Images

This Terrifying Coffee Lid Actually Exists, And It Probably Feels Really Weird

Jang WooSeok

Adorable Raccoon Goes Swimming, Brother Freaks Out About It

Do You Recognise This Incognito Pop Singer?


Dave, You're SO Tory Supermarket! (Again)

Is This The Transfer Of The Century?

Limerick FC/AP

Government Issues Emergency Poohsticks Advice, Swiftly Backtracks


Typo Sees Scottish Island Accidentally Renamed 'Penis Land'

James McLeary/Twitter

LEAKED: DWP's Official Definition Of 'Fit For Work'

Dog Twerks Against Wall To Get Rid Of Itchy Butt

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Here's Why Nanobreweries With Tiny Beer Are The Latest Hipster Trend

Above Average

Meanwhile, In Russia...


Jeremy Corbyn Is Not The Messiah, He's A Very Naughty Boy

A Spider Has Written 'LOL' In Its Web

Heather Arite