27 February 2017

7 Reasons Labour Lost The Copeland By-Election

Danny Lawson PA Wire/PA Images

Which Type Of BBC Question Time Audience Member Are You?


Cancel Your Plans, Nigel Farage Is Talking About Sex And Death On TV Tomorrow

Matt Cardy via Getty Images

Storm Doris Is Destroying The UK And Everyone Is Freaking Out

Bloomberg via Getty Images

7 Reasons Alex Jones Advising Donald Trump Is The Scariest Thing About 2017


Rescue Cats Given Hilarious Personalities To Help Them Find New Homes

Obvious Plant

Scottish Publisher Hilariously Trolls Milo And Piers Morgan Over Book Scandal


This Extremely Tall Man Is Ingeniously Over-prepared For People Asking About His Height


Genius Turns His $200,000 Porsche Into A Giant Controller For Doom


Woman Documents Life As A Third Wheel, Speaks To Every Single Person In Existence

Third Wheel Extravaganza

Woman's Best Friend Goes Undercover To Make Sure Her Date Goes Well

dawsyn eubanks/twitter

This Roxanne Song Lyric Chat-Up Line Flop Is Yet Another Tinder Fail


Bill Maher Lays Into Republicans For Thinking America Is Their 'Bitch'

Real Time

5 Batsh*t Crazy Things Donald Trump Did This Week (The UK Perspective)

Brazil Photo Press/CON via Getty Images

Donald Trump's Aide Tried To Defend That Press Conference And It Was A Stunning Disaster

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Woman Learns The Hard Way Why You Shouldn't Take Selfies With Lilies

Imgur / bmagnusson

#AskPaulNuttall Sees Ukip Leader Pay The Price For His Latest Brag Backtrack

Christopher Furlong via Getty Images

13 Creepy AF Items Spotted In Museums That Should Be Put in Room 101

Birmingham Museums

Melodramatic Girlfriend Hilariously Lip-syncs While Oblivious Boyfriend Plays VR