27 November 2014

Comet v Arse: Comet Wins by Half a Billion Miles

The Internet was ubiquitously lamenting that while humankind was reaching further out into space than we've ever dared, we were still more self-obsessed, facile and inward-looking than ever. Kam's arse was the epitome of our own navel - capturing our collective gaze.

UKIP's New Party Political Broadcast Isn't Quite What We Were Expecting...

John Lewis Christmas Advert Penguin

12 Things We're Missing Out On By Not Celebrating Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Dinner

Erm, We Don't Think BBC News Meant To Show Us This...

Bbc News Martine Croxall Fail

Twitter Suggests Some Of Its Own Images From Rochester


Black Friday Shopping Chaos: A Compilation

Black Friday Sales Shopping Chaos

An Appeal On Behalf Of Arms Dealers

Arms Dealers Spoof Charity Appeal

11 Jokes Written By Kids That Are So Bad, They're Brilliant

Bad Kids Jokes

This Kitten Plays Nintendo And The Internet Melts


The Bad Sex In Fiction Award 2014: And The Nominees Are...

Bad Sex Award 2014
Head of Zeus/Fourth Estate/Two Roads

Rogue Golden Retriever Gloriously Fails Obedience Test

Golden Retriever Obedience Fail
Golden Retriever Lovers / YouTube

Happy Birthday, Your Royal Hilariousness!

Prince Charles Funny

The Rise And Fall Of Dapper Laughs

Dapper Laughs
Mark Robert Milan via Getty Images

How The Government Really Spends Your Tax Money

Tax Summary Spoof

What Went Through Our Mind As We Watched The John Lewis Advert

John Lewis

How Valuable Are You To The Tories? Use Our Easy Chart!

Tory Values

The Daily Mash's Top 10 Headlines This Year (So Far)

The Daily Mash Annual 2015

Well, It's One Way To Move A Parked Car...


What Happened When Real Life Hit The Powerpuff Girls

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Woman Thinks Turkey Is Pregnant In Best Thanksgiving Prank Ever

YouTube/Nerissa Hawkinson

John Cleese & Bill Maher Debate Political Correctness, Muse 'You Can't Make Jokes About Muslims, They'll Kill You'

YouTube/ HBO