2 August 2015

BBC Sports Presenter Ends Segment By Pretending To Use An Imaginary iPad


Here's A Photo Of Jeremy Corbyn Looking Sad On A Nightbus

Dan Kitwood via Getty Images

The Week In Funny Tweets

Jessica Peterson via Getty Images

Rapper Ice-T Re-Voices Children's Cartoons (And Makes Them A Lot Less Child-Friendly)

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

The Crappest Tweets With Over 1000 Retweets Today

verbaska_studio via Getty Images

This Is Why You Don't Park In The Bike Lane

Joe Loreto

Three-Week-Old Kitten Can't Figure Out How To Drink Water


Man Calls Police Because Cat Ate His Bacon

Cats Witness Ceiling Fan Spinning for First TIme


This Review Of A Japanese Toy From Poundland Is The Best Thing We've Seen All Week


Someone Edited Chris Farley Into The 'Mission: Impossible' Trailer And It's Perfect

Todd Spence

Voldemort's Rejected Tom Riddle Anagrams Would've Ruined 'Harry Potter'

17 Royal Orgasm Faces

Kelvin Bruce/SWNS/Getty Images

The 10 Stages Of A Media Frenzy Over A Lion Named Cecil

Adam Bettcher via Getty Images

Cancer-Curing Farts And Flying Unicorns: What REALLY Happens To Your Body One Hour After Drinking Coke

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Tinder Users Confess Their Worst And Weirdest Experiences

Jenny Barchfield/AP

That Bloke From 'New Girl' Is Really Good At Parkour

Funny Or Die

Grandparents Play Adorable Prank On Gamer Grandson


This Puppy Which Looks Like A Teddy Bear Will Make Your Day