22 September 2014

Surviving the Only 'No' Show at the Edinburgh Fringe

This year I did one of the few shows on the Scottish Referendum. In fact, it appears to have been the only one to be against Scottish Independence. How did the people of Scotland react to my sticking my slightly reddened comedy nose in? Generally, really well.

David Cameron's Scotland Speech: A Translation

David Cameron Scotland Speech

The Week In 50 Funny Tweets: A Scottish Referendum Special

Funny Tweets Of The Week Scotland

10 Pirate Chat-Up Lines

Robert Newton Long John Silver

The Week In (Funny) Pictures

Alex Salmond Funny

How Will You Vote In The Scottish Referendum? Use Our Flowchart!

Scottish Referendum Flowchart

The Sun Asked Twitter To Fill In Its Front Page. Twitter Duly Obliged...

Scottish Sun Blank Front Page Twitter

Coming Soon. Possibly.

Independence Day Scotland Spoof

A Scottish Referendum Playlist

Freddie Mercury

REVEALED: The Scottish Declaration Of Independence

Scottish Declaration Of Independence

John Oliver Begs Scotland To Stay

John Oliver Scottish Independence

12 Ways To Be Annoying On Twitter


Scottish Independence: We've Been Here Before

Scottish Independence Spoof 1776

Prince Harry: The Commemorative Birthday Doll

Prince Harry 30 Birthday Doll

The 12 Funniest Country Song Titles

Funny Country Song Titles

Scotland: A 'Trainspotting' Guide To The 'Yes' Vote...

Scotland Referendum Independence Yes Trainspotting

...And The 'No' Vote

Scotland Referendum Trainspotting No

Prince Harry's 30 Funniest Pictures

Prince Harry

Guardian Membership: Now Other Newspapers Follow Suit

Guardian Membership Spoof

Hitler's Trip To Yorkshire Is Ruined

Hitler Downfall Yorkshire

A First Look At The iPhone 6...

Iphone 6 Spoof

...And The Apple Watch

Apple Iwatch Spoof
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Alex Salmond Goes From Happy To Sad Yesterday

Danny Lawson/PA Wire

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