29 November 2015

Chris Ramsey Is Annoyed At How Society Has Turned Out

Russell Howard Just Destroyed America's Obsession With Guns

Russell Howard's Good News

Footballer Gets One Year Ban For Slapping Female Referee With His Penis

Robert Young via Getty Images

Finally, A Pet That's Actually Useful


Chris Ramsey Eloquently Explains Why He Thinks Dapper Laughs Is A C**t

HuffPost UK

The Difference Between Britain And America In A Single Vine


Chris Ramsey Thinks You Shouldn't Force Kids To Like Football

HuffPost UK

18 Horrifying Pictures Of The Devastation And Carnage That Is Black Friday

Kit Sproson

Christian Mother Asks The Internet What 'That Thing' In Her Son's Shower Is, Doesn't Like The Answer


Kay Burley Just Recited Taylor Swift Lyrics While Interviewing Bill Oddie

Sky News

This Amazing Twitter Account Is Ridiculing Britain First In The Best Way

Hannah McKay/PA Archive

Alex Salmond Unveiled A New Painting At The National Portrait Gallery And Everyone Is Laughing

Someone Has Added Mr Bean To 'Fifty Shades Of Grey' And It's Wonderful

Cute Pug Is Inexplicably Terrified Of Hairdryer


David Attenborough Narrates Black Friday

Larry French via Getty Images/David Parry/PA
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Adorable Dog Has The Most Beautiful Response To Her Family Singing 'Happy Birthday'


Aldi Christmas Advert Takes Down John Lewis 'The Man On The Moon'


Man Compares Autumn Statement To Punching Lion In The Face, Kinda Has A Point

Salzburg13 via Getty Images

The Spending Review In Simple Terms