31 August 2016

There's Something A Bit Wrong About Owen Smith's New Campaign Bus

Owen SmithTwitter

Fringe Comedians Showcase Edinburgh's Best Stand-Up LIVE On HuffPost UK at 3pm

Idil Sukan/Joel Dommett

Everyone Is Making The Same Joke After #Traingate But They're Still Funny


Susan Calman Showcases The Fringe's Best Stand-Up LIVE on HuffPost UK at 3pm

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You Know #Traingate Is Bad For Corbyn When Even The Lib Dems Are Trolling Him


There Are Some Stunning Responses To The EU's Olympic Medal Table Brag

tiero/iStock/EU Parliament

Parents' Genius Trick To Stop Teenage Son From Slamming Door

DutchBandit / Reddit

Jeremy Corbyn's Train Floor Video Stunt Has Been Exposed And Twitter Can't Handle It

Jeremy Corbyn/Virgin

Twitter Users Are Not Happy About The Results Of This Best Sitcom Poll


These Are The Best Jokes From This Year's Edinburgh Fringe

Danny Lawson/PA Archive

'Donald Trump Explains Movie Plots' The Best Thing On The Internet Right Now

Leigh Vogel/WireImage via Getty

Bill Murray Just Randomly Stole This Guy's Fries And Walked Off Like It Was No Big Deal


The Olympic Tennis Was Basically Played On A Giant Green Screen


Angry Man's 4-Hour Rant Is A Hilarious PR Disaster For Virgin Media

There's A Kim Jong Un Lookalike At The Olympics

Brazil Photo Press/CON via Getty Images
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10 Ways Donald Trump And Jeremy Corbyn Are Basically The Same Person


Take This Bingo Card With You If You're Getting The Night Tube

HuffPost UK Comedy

George Osborne Tweeted About His Rambo Front Page And Everyone Is Ripping Him For It

The Daily Mirror/Twitter

17 Of The Worst Gifts Ever Given

Stockbyte via Getty Images