25 May 2015

Unnecessary Censorship Is The Best Kind Of Censorship

Ethan Miller via Getty Images/HuffPost UK

The Rock Got Ordained So He Could Officiate His Biggest Fan's Wedding

Screen Junkies

This Dog Might Be Broken

Stephanie Dean/YouTube

24 Things That Are Guaranteed To Happen During Eurovision


107 Seconds Of Gloriously Cute Tiny Penguins

Wildlife Conservation Society

This Video Of A Cockatoo Yelling Into A Cup Is Short, But Oh-So-Sweet


Adorable Marriage Proposal Totally RUINED By Clumsy Mum

Bridgett Clark

Fry Makes Plea For 'Yes' Vote In Ireland's Gay Marriage Referendum


We Have Further Proof Chris Pratt Is The Best


Adorable Bulldog Doesn't Like Wearing His Life Jacket

Jenee Blundell/Facebook

A Timely Reminder Of How Robin Williams Described The House Of Commons


CONFIRMED: An Ugly Giant Snapping Turtle Makes A Rubbish Office Pet


The Funniest Twitter Reactions To Barack Obama's New @POTUS Account

Charles Dharapak/AP

Cute Baby Bunny Rabbit Is Really Excited About His Milk

Bunny Chats/YouTube

Attention UK Board Game Nerds! Someone Made A Playable Catan Map Of The British Isles

Catan Maps
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Watching Tiny Tortoises Eating Tiny Pancakes Is Oddly Mesmerising


Here's A Video Of Vin Diesel Break Dancing In The 90s. You're Welcome.

YouTube/Michael Tran via Getty Images

David Letterman's Final Show Made Pretty Much Everyone A Bit Sad

Steve Hamblin/Alamy/Associated Press

David Cameron Says The NHS Is Safe In His Hands. Erm...