6 May 2016

Musician Uses His Bulldog As An Instrument To Create Awesome Music

Nic Small/Derick Watts

David Cameron Had A Bit Of Trouble When He Went To Vote

Press Association

Professor Holds Live Student Poll, Immediately Regrets It


Jeremy Corbyn Can't Even Do A Thumbs Up Properly

Press Association

Dogs At Polling Stations Are The Best Thing About Today

Hayley Storey/@portsmouthinfo

A Brit's Guide To The Rise Of Trump Using Mostly Insults


An Australian Minister Wanted This Photo Removed From The Internet. It Didn't Go Well.

Alex Ellinghausen

The Stupidest Superhero Movie One Liners In The History Of Cinema

Flash Gordon

5 People Doing Star Wars Day Right (And 2 Doing It Very Wrong)

Loughborough University

Chris Evans And Jimmy Fallon Poured Cold Water Into Each Other's Trousers

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

PMQs Today, Without All The Shouting

HuffPost UK Comedy

This Epic Penis Ring Warning Just Won Star Wars Day For The London Fire Brigade


Barack Obama Sings A Meghan Trainor Song


102 Funny Wi-Fi Router Names To Make Your Neighbours Laugh (Or Hate You)

Alexander Petrov/Hemera/tickld

The World Is Really Disappointed With America For Letting Trump Get This Far

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Watch Ted Cruz Accidentally Hit His Wife In The Face After Dropping Out Of Presidential Race


The World's Best News Bloopers From April

News Be Funny

The Evidence That Shows Ted Cruz Might Actually Be An Alien Lizard


Leicester Let A Jamie Vardy Lookalike Onto Their Team Bus And Now They're Buying Him Lunch