30 June 2016

This Is Why You Should Always Think Before Commenting On News On Facebook


Boris Johnson Is Being Cursed In Hilariously Inventive Ways On Twitter

Ben Pruchnie/Getty Images/Twitter

You Don't Have To Be Mad To Be A Comedian, But You Should Listen To The Ones Who Are


The Brexit Version Of The 'Downfall' Meme Is Probably The Best One Yet


28 Real Life Situations Perfectly Dealt With By Hyacinth Bucket


David Tennant Reads Out Mean Tweets Scottish People Are Sending To Donald Trump

Full Frontal

15 Devastating Responses To Jeremy Hunt 'Considering' Bid For PM

Neil Hall / Reuters

Uh Oh! BBC News Presenter Caught On Her Phone Live On Air

BBC News

John Oliver Obliterates Donald Trump For His Ridiculous Response To Brexit

Last Week Tonight

Steve McLaren Had An Absolute Comedy Howler When Iceland Scored


Can It Ever Be Acceptable To Laugh About Mental Illness?

Dominic Lipinski/PA Archive

Dad Mocks Daughter's Snapchat With Hilarious Selfie

Imgur / Cassie Martin

John Oliver Totally Destroys Nigel Farage And Boris Johnson In The Wake Of Brexit Vote

Last Week Tonight

This 1980 Clip From 'Yes Minister' Basically Explains Brexit


'The Last Leg' Has An Excellent Explanation For Older People Voting To Leave The EU

The Last Leg
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What Boris Johnson Was REALLY Saying In His Brexit Speech

HuffPost UK Comedy

Guy Moves In With Girlfriend, Gets Unexpected Welcome Cake From Her Housemate

Reddit / Largerthanlogic

Hillary Clinton Sends Condolences To Scotland After Donald Trump's Arrival

Andrew Milligan/PA Wire

Sorry Canada, Your Immigration Queue Is About To Get A Lot Longer...

Paul Giamou/Aurora/Press Association