29 July 2015

The Funniest Fails Of 2015 (So Far)


Cyclist Starts Massive 73-Acre Forest Fire By Stopping For A Poo

Tetra Images - Erik Isakson

Naked Festival-Goer Fails To Navigate Huge Mud Puddle


The Perils Of Summer: Always Wear Insect Repellent.


Naughty Cat Ruins Family's Dinner While They're Not Looking

Tiny Corgi Puppy Tries To Use The Stairs For The First Time

Alvin Hsu/YouTube

Chubby Pug With Cool Sunglasses Knows How To Relax In Style

Meg Frost/YouTube

First-Person Super Smash Bros Looks Like So Much Fun


Photos That Will Take All Brits Back To The Golden Days Of Primary School

David Marsden via Getty Images

16 Signs You Grew Up In Yorkshire

David Gould

Jimmy Kimmel Fights Back Tears In Funny But Emotional 'Cecil The Lion' Segment

Jimmy Kimmel Live

John Oliver Destroys The Most Ridiculous Aspect Of The American Justice System

Last Week Tonight

Danny Devito And Jimmy Fallon Played A Hilarious Drinking Game Last Night

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

The Onion Are Taking The Mick Out Of Vice And It's Brilliant

The Onion

Incredible Parrot Sings 'Everything Is Awesome' From The Lego Movie

Birds On Safari/YouTube/Warner Bros
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Hulk Hogan Keeps Falling For The Same Joke Over And Over Again

Jonathan Bachman/AP/Twitter

#UnexcitingMovies Is A Puntastic Nerdfest


Kids' Reactions To A Classic iPod Will Make You Feel Incredibly Old

Fine Brothers / YouTube

11 Weird Facts About Yorkshire

Rii Schroer via Getty Images