May And Corbyn's Small Talk Was The Most Awkward Thing We've Seen In A Long Time

STEFAN WERMUTH via Getty Images

People Think The Queen's Outfit Was Sending Us A Secret Message About The EU

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British News Presenters Face Off In This *Epic* 'Anchorman' Spoof

Channel 4

Ed Balls Teaches Michael Gove How To 'Gangnam Style' Because The World Clearly Can't Get More Bizarre

Channel 4

Watch Ali G Prank The DUP Way Back In 1999


Guy Turns Up To Christening In Fancy Dress After Epic Prank From Best Mate


Downing Street Cats Give Away What's *Really* Going On In The Tory Cabinet

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The US Might Genuinely Introduce A Covfefe Law

SAUL LOEB via Getty Images

Tens Of Thousands Of People Are Going To Theresa May's Leaving Drinks

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Who Said It: The DUP Or Saudi Arabia's Sharia Police?


Theresa May Was Asked How She's Feeling And Her Answer Was Just Plain Bizarre

Sky News

7 Times The DUP Has Done Something Batsh*t Crazy

Clodagh Kilcoyne / Reuters

Theresa May Mocked Mercilessly For 'Omnishambles' After DUP Deal Statement 'Issued In Error'

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Hilarious Baseball Video Is Perfect Metaphor For PM's Election Campaign


An Honest Translation Of Everything Nigel Farage Said On Election Night

Carl Court via Getty Images
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The UK General Election Result Explained For Non-Brits (And Brits Who Don't Like Politics)

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Yes, Jeremy Corbyn High-Fived Emily Thornberry's Boob

Darren Staples / Reuters

9 Things We Know About Lord Buckethead, Theresa May's Main Maidenhead Opposition, Kind Of

GEOFF CADDICK via Getty Images

The Emotional Stages Of Polling Day, As Explained By Cats

sdominick via Getty Images