26 May 2016

HOLD THE DEBATE! Bryan Adams Has Waded In On Brexit. Yes, The Canadian Singer

Mike Ridewood / Reuters

Jimmy Kimmel Wrote A Children's Book About Donald Trump And Read It To Him

Jimmy Kimmel Live!

This Wolf Is Just Like A Puppy When She Gets Belly Rubs

Sarah And The Wolves

'Game Of Thrones' Is Way Better With Stewie Griffin As Tyrion Lannister


No, Stoned Sheep Aren't Going On Psychotic Rampages Through A Welsh Village

Peter Cade via Getty Images

These Glorious Structures Might Be Dubbed 'Shed Of The Year'


Fait 500 Owner's Hilariously Honest Ebay Listing Makes Up For The Car Being A Bit Rubbish


Everything That Happened At PMQs Today, Without The Shouting


This Picture Of Jimmy Carr Meeting The Queen Is Getting The Photoshop Treatment

Spongebob Squarepants Meets Kanye West In The World's Weirdest Music Mash-Up


'Chewbacca Mom' Is Now Even Happier Thanks To A Bit Of Auto-Tune


Very Angry Dad Responds Hilariously To 'Honk If You're Horny' Prank

Angry Dad

Stronger In's Attempt To Woo Young People Is 'Gettin' Absolutely Slated


Someone Has Painted A Giant Mural Of Donald Trump Snogging Boris Johnson In Bristol

Matt Cardy via Getty Images

Hank Azaria Offers Hilarious Advice To Graduates In The Voices Of 'Simpsons' Characters

Elise Sinagra/Getty Images/The Simpsons
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The Chewbacca Mask Woman Drove James Corden To Work

The Late Late Show

Jennifer Lawrence Gives Another Masterclass In Laughing Off Awkward Moments


Greg Davies Has A Great Story About His Mum's Laundry And A Deaf Child

The Graham Norton Show

This Is Probably The Only Music Video You'll See Today About Having Sex With Osama Bin Laden

Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping/The Lonely Island