16 April 2014

Glasgow-born comedian, writer, and published author

Top 10 Things to Hate About Facebook

1. Share if you love your kids. Oh, really? So, let me get this straight. I love my kids, you love your kids, and we all love our kids. But, you want me to let you know that I love my kids and I want you to let me know you love your kids, too? Plus, both of us get to tell the whole frigging world that we both love our kids...

LOOK: Nigel Farage's Expenses Claim

Nigel Farage Expenses Spoof

21 Utterly Terrifying Easter Bunnies

Scary Easter Bunny

Kate And Wills Down Under: Their Funniest Pictures

Kate William Funny

Ungrateful Birthday Dog Is Ungrateful

Ungrateful Birthday Dog

PIC: When Listicles Go Wrong

Buzzfeed Listicle Fail
Will Parkhouse

25 Reasons We Love Our Cats

Funny Cat Hood Picture

WATCH: If Disney Did 'Breaking Bad'

Frozen Breaking Bad

LOOK: The New Scout Badges

Scout Badges

Funny AND Adorable? Yes.

Zoey Jasper Dog Baby

Oh Dear, CNN. Just: Oh Dear.

Cnn Jeanne Moos Kate William

'Leave Me Out Of It', Jesus Tells David Cameron

David Cameron Jesus Christ

The Week In 50 Funny Tweets

Maria Miller Funny Twitter

Britain's Got Talent Bingo Card

Britains Got Talent Bingo Card
Two Little Fleas

This Week's Best* Pictures

Kate Middleton Prince George
Handout via Getty Images


Maria Miller's Resignation Letter: A Translation

Maria Miller
David Jones/PA Wire

PICTURES: Prince George Nearly Causes Diplomatic Incident

Prince George Toy
Getty Images

WATCH: How To Herd Geese. A LOT Of Geese.

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What Is The Mysterious 'Black Ring Of Leamington Spa'?

Black Ring

WATCH: Gogglebox On Gogglebox

Gogglebox On Gogglebox

Bryan Cranston Helps Student Ask Girl To Prom

Breaking Bad

PICTURE: The Importance Of Kerning

Wig And Penis

28 Dogs Who Are Winning At Life

Chilled Funny Dog

BREAKING NEWS: Baby Looks Like One Of Its Parents

Baby Prince George

'Game Of Goats' Is The Best Thing Ever

Game Of Goats

QUIZ: Which Of Maria Miller's Houses Are You?

Maria Miller

David Cameron Compares Himself To Jesus: In Pictures

David Cameron Jesus

This Is The Most London Piece Of Vandalism Ever

Wombling Free Sign
Twitter/Mark Mooney