7 July 2015

#AskPiers Is Everything You'd Hoped It Would Be. And More...

NBC via Getty Images

If Gay Guys Said the Things Straight People Say

QUIZ: Which Royal Family Member Are You?

WPA Pool via Getty Images

'Terminator: Genisys' Was So Bad Someone Is Trolling The IMDB Page With Fake Quotes

Hilarious Video Shows Exactly What It's Like When You Can't Sleep


Girl Owns Her Dad In Beatbox Competition

Alesia Alin/YouTube

'Drug Dealer' Prank on Grandma Backfires!

Josh Paler Lin

Cheeky Chicken Tries To Steal Cat's Lunch


Never Let Your Friends House-Sit If They Know Photoshop...


This Ebay Seller Is Offering Stylish Hats Made From IKEA Carrier Bags


Cat And His Owner Form Rock Band, Are Totally Awesome

Aaron's Animals

Russian Government Issues Guidelines On Safe Selfies

Russian Ministry Of Internal Affairs

Taylor Swift's 'Bad Blood' Sung In 20 Different Styles In Four Minutes Is Absolutely Incredible

Anthony Vincent/Ten Second Songs

John Oliver Hilariously Tries To Tackle 15 Key Issues In One Minute

Last Week Tonight With John Oliver

Excited Micro-Pig Really Likes Helping With The Laundry

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Kitty Driver Helps Owner's Dream Come True


Identical Kid Goats Are Two Very Distinct Characters


9 Makeshift Selfie Sticks That Prove Humanity Is Doomed

Evangelical Reality TV Star Reveals: 'There's No Such Thing As An Atheist'

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