2 October 2014

Why God Loves Gays

According to GOD: "It is not okay to use religion to justify personal bigotry. I am the LORD and I love LGBT people very much. Why else would so many LGBT people exist?"

Cameron's Reasons To Be Cheerful

David Cameron Reasons To Be Cheerful

#NationalPoetryDay: Twitter's Funniest Reactions And Rhymes

Funny Twitter Poems National Poetry Day

18 Awkward Bridesmaids Photos

Awkward Bridesmaids Photos

FLOWCHART: How Does Tory Party Policy Affect You?

Conservative Policy

10 Funny Quotes To Celebrate World Vegetarian Day

Bill Bailey
C Brandon via Getty Images

Cassetteboy's Conference Rap


It's The Great NHS Privatisation Sale!

Nhs Privatisation Sale

Boris's Brick Defects To Ukip

Boris Johnson Brick
Joe Giddens/PA Wire

Donald Trump Is Bombarded With Hilarious Retweet Requests After His Twitter Blunder

Fred Rose West

'Cameron - What Are You Doing?!'

Daily Show Jon Stewart Isis
Comedy Central UK

September's Funniest News Bloopers

Susanna Reid Dan Stevens

The Apple iOS 8 Terms And Conditions You Might Have Missed

Apple Ios 8 Spoof

John Oliver's Segment On American Drone Strikes Is Fascinating, Funny - And Terrifying

John Oliver Drones

These 10 Brilliant Parody Videos Are (Probably) Not Illegal Any More

Ala Sugar

Benedict Cumberbatch Can't Pronounce The Word 'Penguins'


'F*** You And All Your False Patriotism': Jon Stewart Blasts Fox

Jon Stewart Fox News
Comedy Central UK

The Week In 50 Funny Tweets

Ed Miliband Funny Tweets

Three Newspapers That Completely Missed The Point Of Emma Watson's #HeForShe Speech

Emma Watson Daily Telegraph
The Daily Telegraph

The Week In (Silly) Pictures

Ed Balls Funny
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