27 November 2015

Someone Has Added Mr Bean To 'Fifty Shades Of Grey' And It's Wonderful

Cute Pug Is Inexplicably Terrified Of Hairdryer


David Attenborough Narrates Black Friday

Larry French via Getty Images/David Parry/PA

Adorable Dog Has The Most Beautiful Response To Her Family Singing 'Happy Birthday'


Aldi Christmas Advert Takes Down John Lewis 'The Man On The Moon'


Man Compares Autumn Statement To Punching Lion In The Face, Kinda Has A Point

Salzburg13 via Getty Images

The Spending Review In Simple Terms

Fox News Attacks British Comedian For Being British


Adele Sings 'Hello' With Classroom Instruments (And Still Sounds Amazing)

NBC via Getty Images

Twitter Reacts To George Osborne's Autumn Statement And Spending Review

Tim Ireland/AP

15 Devastatingly Scathing Responses To George Osborne's Spending Review Tweet


It's Spending Review Bingo Time!

Reese's Christmas Trees Look Absolutely Nothing Like Trees 🎄

Shawn Smith/Twitter

Musician Sings Adele's 'Hello' In 25 Different Styles

Anthony Vincent/YouTube

Someone Has Improved These Urinals 1000x By Adding Donald Trump's Face

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Prankster Leaves Hilarious Fake Black Friday Deals In Supermarket

Obvious Plant

Sorry Everyone, 'Phuc Dat Bitch' Was A Hoax

Phuc Dat Bich/Facebook

World War III Begins Trending Mostly Because People Tweet It's Trending


Husband Lists Reasons His Wife Cries And It's Beyond Hilarious

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