Tea Party's Lloyd Marcus Breaks Down Twice During TV Interview, Overcome With Patriotism

Tea Party Man Is Overcome With Patriotism, Breaks Down... Twice

NEW YORK -- Tea Party members are a patriotic bunch, defending the heartland from the scourge of Keynesian economics, child refugees flooding the Texas border and of course the fifth column machinations of a Kenyan imposter, whose Presidency is a plot to destroy God’s "shining city on a hill".

Yet this patriotism proved too much for Lloyd Marcus, a Tea Party representative who was interviewed on Newsmax on Tuesday about the intransigence of the political far-right and its deliberate hobbling of the US government during Obama's tenure.

"I have been with the Tea Party movement for five years," said Marcus, his voice shaking in devotional fervour, adding that the organisation was replete with "rock solid, decent hard working American folks who love their country," before breaking down, seemingly overcome with the patriotism of his "rock solid" brethren.

The Chairman of the Conservative Campaign committee then briefly regained his composure… before morphing into Lady Macbeth for the dénouement, unable to speak beyond informing the host "we’re Americans… we’re Americans… we’re good people".

Of course, TV tears are nothing new for Tea Party devotees, with both of Glenn Becks’ eyes given to water at the slightest mention of family, country or American exceptionalism. This is a problem as Becks’ only topics are family, country or American exceptionalism… and, of course, terminators attacking the White House.


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